30 Day Code Challenge – Day 3
Digital book report with p5.js

Cover of Hope in the Dark

Project: Digital Book Report: Hope in the Dark
Tech: p5.js, GitHub Pages
Code: github

I finished Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in the Dark (Haymarket Press, $5.99) this weekend, and I can’t quit thinking about it. Today’s exercise is a sort of digital book report, where I’m experimenting more with p5.js: full-screen resizable backgrounds, text, multiple screens, and animated backgrounds.

While it’s not intuitive in my design, a mouse click will scroll through the different screens. Check it out, and if you’re feeling low lately, buy the book.

To share a few more of my favorite quotes—

To be antidoctrinal is to open yourself up to new and unexpected alliances, to new networks of power. It’s to reject the static utopia in favor of the improvisational journey.

Activism is not a journey to the corner store, it is a plunge into the unknown. The future is always dark.

The old certainties are crumbling fast, but danger and possibility are sisters.

The government and the media routinely discount the effect of activists, but there’s no reason we should believe them or let them tally our victories for us.

Written by Abigail Young on 20 November 2016