30 Day Code Challenge - Day 1
This Jekyll site counts, right?

Mood: It’s wintry, even in San Francisco. Beanie-and-scarf weather, my feet are always cold, and the sun goes to bed before 5pm. Which means I want to go to bed before 5pm. The animals are extra lazy, so they’re no help. I’m tired all. the. time.

I’ve decided to arbitrarily kick off a 30 Day Code Challenge to bust me out of my 2016 Winter Funk.

I need the motivation to exercise my creativity. I need the time pressure. I need the near-instant gratification of deploying something whimsy, useful, or otherwise tangible every day for 30 days.

Easy? Hard? I have no idea. Probably hard. I’m about to find out.

Day 1

Project: Personal website // Jekyll blog
Tech: Jekyll, GitHub Pages, DNS
Code: github

I’ve messed around a bit with Jekyll in the past, but never made it to deployment. I kept wanting to use it for different projects that it just wasn’t designed to handle, but now it’s fulfilling its destiny as a static blog generator. I’m even using GitHub Pages to host, so I’m real by-the-book on this one.

Now that I finally have my Ruby installations under control with RVM, and I untangled a rat’s nest of Ruby/path-related fuckery a couple weeks ago, the entire process was easy. For once, no problems installing, editing, deploying. Good job, Jekyll team.

Written by Abigail Young on 18 November 2016