About Me
interdisciplinary weirdo | sf, ca


I’m a creative technologist with a background in communications, a fondness for analog tech, and a debilitating sense of user empathy. I like brainstorming big ideas, organizing the shit outta things, and executing + iterating until I die.

Need help with code, content strategy, user feedback, or something else vaguely related? Hire me for freelance projects through Good Dog.

πŸ”Ž Currently Exploring: creative code, ux design, NLP


πŸ“š Lost Cause Library
A free, roaming library focusing on must-read classics.

🐫 Camel Toe: The Zine
A trilogy of feminist zines, featuring work from women across the world.

🎡 Jam Hands
Obscenity-laden ukulele music from my early 20s β€” cassette included.


🐢 Boo
🐱 Artemis
πŸ„ I don’t eat animals


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